About Sam Jones

Who was Sam Jones?

Sam Jones was a Methodist minister who lived from 1847 to 1906. He became a nationally known evangelist and preached revivals across the United States. The old "Ryman Auditorium" in Nashville, Tennessee was built by a converted riverboat captain to host Jones' crusades. The hall later became the first home of "The Grand Old Opry."

Jones preached a simple gospel of God's grace and love. One of his often quoted phrases was "Quit your meanness!" Thousands of people became Christians through his ministry. 

When Jones died in 1906, he was buried in his hometown of Cartersville, Georgia. Cartersville Methodist Episcopal Church South was finishing a new sanctuary at the time. The congregation voted unanimously to rename the church in the evangelist's honor. 

Today Sam Jones Memorial United Methodist Church continues to share the good news of God's love after the example of our namesake.

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